'Straight-Line' Sightings

Fig. 2. French Straight-Line Sightings

Eight sightings in France for September 24, 1964 (Michel, 1958) as reported in France-Soir, Paris-Presse, and LaCroix (Sept 26 and 28). A ninth sighting at Lantefortain-les-Baroches in northern France is not shown on the map. Sightings at LePuy and Langeac do not occur on the line, but the other six fall so close to the great circle arc indicated that no deviation can be detected on a Michelin map with a scale of 1:1,000,000.

Circumstances of the six sightings on the line were very briefly as follows:

  • Vichy, afternoon: Football players practicing in a stadium and spectators saw an elliptical, cigar-shaped object cross the sky swiftly and silently.

  • Gelles, early night: The witnesses saw a luminous, cigar-shaped object cross the sky at fairly high speed and without noise.

  • Ussel, about 11 p.m.: A luminous red object rose above the horizon and dived, at high speed, toward M. Cisterne, who was driving his tractor back to the barn. The object approached so closely that he jumped from the tractor and lay terrified in the field. The object hovered a few yards above the road, and in front of the tractor, remaining motionless for several minutes in complete silence. Surroundings were illuminated with a reddish light. The UFO then flew over the tractor and disappeared over the horizon in a few seconds. Two other people also saw the object, and leaves at the top of an ash tree, near where the object reportedly had hovered, were dried and curled.

  • Tulle, 11 p.m.: M. Besse, with the aid of high-powered binoculars, watched a luminous object move rapidly in the sky, changing color from reddish to white and then to green.

  • Lencouacq, nightfall: A single witness watched a luminous object arrive at high speed in silence, hover above a meadow, and then leave again at high speed.

  • Bayonne, afternoon: Many people watched three elliptical objects, metallic in appearance, hover in the sky, and then move away very rapidly.