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The Seybert Commission report is a slim volume of only 160 pges. It has only two sections, one labeled "PRELIMINARY REPORT" and the other "APPENDIX." There are no chapters and no table of contents, only a series of dated narratives that establish a chronology of the commission's work.

To make this unusual organization web-navigable, we have created a table of contents based on the dated narratives of the commission's activities. Some of these are fairly lengthy; in those cases, we have also set up a set of internal links reflecting the location of natural "break points" in each narrative.

Two literary allusions appear in Dr. Furness's report on materializations. One refers to a Tennyson poem, The Talking Oak and the other to the story of Rosamund Clifford. A link to the full text of the Tennyson poem is provided. In the case of the Rosamund story, a brief explanatory note suffices; the tale is semi-legendary and there are several versions available on the web for the curious reader.

Jim Giglio carried out the OCR scanning and HTML coding of the report. The difficult and often under-appreciated work of proofreading the finished text was done by NCAS volunteers Lynn Francis, Pam Sellman, Neil Inglis, John Pezzullo, Ph.D., and Curtis Haymore.