September, 1996


Chip Denman, University of Maryland Statistician

Ever have a weird coincidence that seemed so unlikely that you were tempted to call it psychic? University of Maryland statistician Chip Denman will discuss the way we perceive and misperceive chance events, and the role of mathematical thinking in the scientific process.

Saturday, September 21, 1996, 2:00pm -- 3:30pm
Bethesda Library,
7400 Arlington Road,
Bethesda, Maryland

Free Admission; All Welcome - Members and Nonmembers

Call the NCAS Skeptic Line at 301-587-3827 for further info.

NCAS Movie Night

Friday, September 20, 8 p. m. -- Chip and Grace Denman again invite NCAS members and their guests to join them for movies that skeptics can laugh at. They will supply the popcorn and sodas; bring anything else you would like to share. Some suitable flick of aliens or other beings from the '50s or '60s will be on the agenda. Space is limited, so be sure to call the NCAS line by Wednesday, September 18 to reserve a spot and to obtain directions.

Free Email Accounts

If your computer runs Windows 3.1 or 95 and you have a modem (9600 or better), you can now get a totally FREE INTERNET EMAIL account for sending and receiving unlimited email using a local, toll-free telephone number. Of course, we hope you will use it to subscribe to the NCAS email list, which carries ADVANCE editions of the monthly "Shadow of a Doubt" and other information of timely interest to members. What's the catch? This is an advertisment-based service. The program puts unobtrusive and teasers on the screen (not in your sent or received email), which you are free to read or ignore, without interfering in any way with your use of the program. Also, during registration you will be asked "consumer profile" questions. If you'd like to try it, with no obligation, send a request to Gary Stone, NCAS VP; ATTN: EMAIL DISKS, PO Box 3217, Laurel, MD 20709-3127. Please indicate that you are an NCAS member and enclose $1 for a virus-free copy of the registration disk and postage. You may freely copy and share the disk, but our mail offer is for NCAS members only. NCAS is not in any way affiliated with nor compensated by the company JUNO, which is marketing this service.

NCAS BOARD -- 1996-1997

Grace Denman, President
Gary Stone, Vice President
Herb Federhen, Treasurer
Marv Zelkowitz, Secretary
Chip Denman, Spokesman
Carol Krol, Skeptical Eye Editor
Alfred Baer
Michael Epstein
Tom Hartnett
Joe Himes
Paul Jaffa
Patti Maslinoff
Pamela O'Neill
Sean O'Neill
Eugene Ossa
Walter Rowe
Jamy Ian Swiss


Our 1996-97 programs will take place at the Bethesda Branch of the Montgomery County Library, 7400 Arlington Road, a short walk from the Bethesda Metro ststion. Meetings begin at 2 pm and last about one and a half hours:
September 21, 1996
October 19, 1996
November 16, 1996
December 21, 1996
January 18, 1997
Febrary 15, 1997
March 22, 1997
April 19, 1997
May 17, 1997
June 21, 1997
All dates are Saturday.


Please consider lending an hour or so of your time on the weekend of September 27-29 to help your neighborhood public school get wired to the INTERNET. The State of Maryland is sponsoring "Maryland Net Weekend" to organize volunteers willing to help string wire, etc. at schools all across the state to help hook them up the the INTERNET.

** No technical experience is required, as was demonstrated in recent newspaper photos showing Maryland Governor Glendening pulling wires through the ceiling of public school.

** If this project interests you, PLEASE CALL 1-888 828-2468 ASAP to register so the County coordinator can contact you in about 1 week to schedule your time to help with INTERNET installation at whatever public school you specify. While you are at the school, whether or not you have children in school, ask how you can join the PTA (usually about $10/year), as a way of learning how else you might contribute to quality education, the bulwark of a rational society.

Last Change: September 7, 1996