October, 1997

Marvin V. Zelkowitz
Computer Science Department
University of Maryland

A recent best-selling book has caught the public's interest with seemingly prophetic coded messages found through computer-intensive searches of the Bible. Hidden for 3,000 years are direct references to World War 2, the Kennedy assassination, the Oklahoma City bombing and numerous other current (and future) events. The underlying message to all this must be that in order to foretell the future, the Bible must be divinely inspired.

This talk will discuss the bible codes and discuss from a skeptic's perspective the consequences of finding such hidden messages in this ancient text.

Saturday, October 18, 1997, 2:00pm -- 3:30pm
Bethesda Branch, Montgomery County Library
7400 Arlington Road
Bethesda, Maryland

Everyone Welcome -- Members and Non-members -- No admission charge

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The current Board membership of NCAS for the 1997-1998 year is as follows:
President: Grace Denman
Vice President: Gary Stone
Treasurer: Herb Federhen
Secretary: Marv Zelkowitz
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There is one vacancy due to resignation of a former Board member.

1997--1998 SCHEDULE

Our meeting schedule has been organized for the next year. Meetings will take place in one of two Montgomery County Library locations:

-- Bethesda Branch, 7400 Arlington Road, a short walk from the Bethesda Metro station. (We try to schedule meetings here, but are not always successful.)

-- Davis Branch, 6400 Democracy Blvd, Bethesda. Unfortunately this is not near a Metro station.

The schedule is as follows:
October 18, 1997 Bethesda Branch March 21, 1998 Davis Branch
November 15, 1997 Bethesda Branch April 18, 1998 Bethesda Branch
December 20, 1997 Bethesda Branch May 16, 1998 Bethesda Branch
January 17, 1998 Bethesda Branch June 20, 1998 Bethesda Branch
February 21, 1998 Bethesda Branch


The James Randi Educational Foundation is pleased to announce a workshop for examining paranormal claims entitled: "Solved Mysteries." This will be a Friday through Sunday, October 31 through November 2 workshop at the Wyndham Hotel - Fort Lauderdale Airport. Contact the JREF at 1 (954) 467-1112 for further information.


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