October, 1995

"Who wrote the Bible's 5 Books of Moses? - A linguistic and historical investigation"

Speaker: Marvin V. Zelkowitz

For many hundreds of years, philosophers, religious leaders, and archeologists have been investigating the origins of the first five books of the bible (The ``5 Books of Moses''). Fundamentalist interpretations claim that Moses wrote down the text, as dictated by God. However, many believe that other men were the authors. If so, who? why? when?

This talk will explore the various historical and linguistic evidence that has been uncovered to try and answer these questions. Rather than being written about 1300 BC at the time of the Hebrew exodus from Egypt, many now believe that the Books of Moses were written some 700 years later during the eras of kings David, Solomon, and the kings of the second temple.

Is there or is there not a God? This is a relevant question, but outside of the scope of this talk. Simply starting with the premise that Moses did not write the bible, we will explore what alternatives are consistent with the available evidence.

Saturday, October 21, 2pm
Davis Library,
6400 Democracy Blvd,
Bethesda, Maryland

Free admission -- Everyone Welcome

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