May, 1999

Millennium MADNESS

The 1999 Weekend Retreat

May 8-9, 1999

Sheraton Inn, Fredericksburg, VA

Join fellow skeptics for a fun-filled weekend discussing the next century and how we are handling the end of the current one. Everyone seems to want a piece of the action from religious cults forecasting apocalyptic events, to technophobes fearful of the Y2K bug, to entrepreneurs wanting to make a few bucks as the century winds down. How much of this is hype, how much of this is real, and how should rational individuals react to the growing hysteria?


Friday evening, May 7. Arrival at hotel. Informal get together with NCAS members.

Saturday, May 8, 9am-6pm. Workshop sessions:

Sunday, May 9, 9am-noon. Workshop sessions continue:

To register: $50 for one person, $90 for two.

By May 1 send name, address, telephone number, email address (if any) and registration fee to:

Millennium Madness Weekend


8006 Valley Street

Silver Spring, MD 20910

Fee includes workshop sessions, 2 continental breakfasts (Sat. and Sun.), lunch on Saturday, and one set of handouts.

Hotel registration: If you wish to stay at hotel, register by April 23. The rate is $99+8.5% tax per night. Mention the NCAS weekend when registering. The Sheraton Inn is off I95 at Virginia Route 3 in Fredericksburg. 540-786-8321.

Fredericksburg is under an hour south of Washington, DC and under 90 minutes from most suburban Maryland locations.

For less expensive hotels in the Fredericksburg Area:
EconoLodge 540-786-8374
Best Western Thunderbird 540-786-7404
Ramada Inn 540-786-8361
or check the web site:

For additional information call NCAS at 301-587-3827 or send email to

Note: Because of the NCAS Weekend, there is no regular meeting at the Bethesda Library in May. There will be a regular meeting in June, however.

Capital Science Lectures

On Tuesday, May 18, MAY BERENBAUM of the Department of Entomology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will speak on PHYTOCHEMICALS: PLANT SEX, HUMAN DRUGS, AND INSECT ROCK AND ROLL. For centuries, people have exploited the chemical diversity of plants for medicines and for many less noble purposes. Recently, however, we have begun to understand how plants themselves use biologically active substances to help defend against enemies and recruit allies to promote reproduction. This is part of the CAPITAL SCIENCE LECTURES, Carnegie Institution, 1530 P Street N.W., Washington, DC 20077. All lectures are free and open to the public. Seating is limited. Call (202) 328-6988 or email Sherrill Berger at for details on attending.

Interesting Web Site

Check out the site and follow all the links. You may find it interesting.

Another Interesting Web Site

Check out the site The site contains an interesting spin on many claims you read about in magazines and see on TV.

Discovery Series

The Discovery Cable Channel is now running an excellent series of documentaries on the paranormal:

May 13 9pm and May 15 5pm -- Levitation

May 20 9pm and May 22 5pm -- Open to Suggestion

June 10 9pm and June 12 5pm -- ESP

June 24 9pm and June 26 5pm -- Physical Feats

On April 28, Discovery Channel will air a Discover magazine television special called "A Skeptics Guide" that will tackle the topics of ghosts, therapeutic touch, UFOs, magic and belief in the paranormal. Advance word is that James Randi is featured. Check your local listings. [CSICOP press release]

Skeptic Ring

The NCAS web site is now part of the Skeptic Ring. Go to the bottom of the NCAS home page and click on one of the links next to the "Skeptic Ring" icon. It will take you on a tour of some 70+ interesting skeptic sites.

Washington Ethical Society

Humanistic Religious Community at the Washington Ethical Society. Sundays, 11.00 am. 7750 16th St. NW, Washington DC. 202-882-6650