June, 1996

KARATE: Reality versus Hollywood

Ed Garrasi, Sensei

Alleged differences in philosophy and thought are often invoked to "explain" why Westerners cannot understand Eastern concepts (such as chi and accupuncture) and, instead, label them as pseudoscience. Edward Garrasi, Sensei, will describe how the concept of karate has indeed become twisted.

The lecture will examine the differences between traditional karate, self-defense and Hollywood karate while focusing on how magical thinking, common misconceptions, qualified reciprocation and systemic inbreeding have brought the public to a general misinterpretation of karate. By further examining high-investment, low-yield techniques, preconceived scripts and forms that fail to evolve, the audience will be able to better see past the delusion that traditional karate is contemporary self-defense.

Saturday, June 15, 1996, 2:00pm -- 3:30pm
Bethesda Library,
7400 Arlington Road,
Bethesda, Maryland

Free Admission; All Welcome - Members and Nonmembers

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This Shadow is the last newsletter of the 1995-96 year. We now take a break for the summer, although the NCAS Board will be busy planning our fall schedule, which begins on September 21. (See schedule below.)

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Enjoy your summer, and we will see you again in September.


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