February, 1996

The Science Fiction of UFOs

Robert P. Swiatek
Fund for UFO Research

The reaction of most scientists and academicians to the subject of UFOs has been strikingly consistent for almost 50 years. Condescension tempered with disgust, of the type once levelled against Orville and Wilbur Wright when it came to flying. A remark noting the ignorance of the populace with regard to meteorological and astronomical phenomena may be thrown in for good measure. Yet the facts seem to belie a casual dismissal of the UFO puzzle and to argue for the existence of unknown flying objects in this nation's skies.

Fallacies abound where UFOs are concerned and are repeated until they assume the status of facts. According to this view, only the inebriated see UFOs and physical traces are never left. If UFOs appear on radar screens, the equipment must be malfunctioning. It comes as a surprise, therefore, that the best reports come from the most qualified witnesses, that landing traces number in the thousands. A cache of UFO photographs, passing analytical muster, is available for all and sundry to study.

The Fund for UFO Research seeks to advance understanding of the UFO phenomenon by providing grants for scientific research. Receiving its income from private donations and document sales, it has raised in excess of one-half million dollars since 1979. Its board of directors consists mainly of researchers and scientists.

Rob Swiatek, a member of the Fund's executive committee, began studying UFOs in 1968 and has been associated with the Fund for nine years. He has degrees in physics and earth science and is currently employed by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Arlington, Virginia.

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