February, 2000


Child Abuse: Pseudoscience, False Memory, and False Accusations
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Sue Taylor
False Memory Syndrome Foundation
Virginia State Contact

Child Abuse accusations are different from other accusations; innocent people can be and are convicted and imprisoned for acts that they not only did not commit, but that NOBODY committed. And even when actual imprisonment does not occur, reputations, family relationships and economic security are damaged beyond repair. Those who follow the situation describe it as a national "Witch Hunt."

Sue Taylor knows the Witch Hunt first-hand, and is familiar with the pseudoscience that is often involved in cases of this type. She has worked with families victimized by "Recovered Memory" therapy, as well as with false child abuse accusations that arise in more conventional situations. Sue will describe her work with the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, and describe her view "from the trenches" where she attempts to help the accused and their families.
Saturday, February 12, 2000, 2pm-3:30pm
Bethesda Public Library
7400 Arlington Road
Bethesda, Maryland

Everyone welcome - members and non-members

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The Skeptics television series Exploring the Unknown is rerunning Friday nights on Fox Family Channel at 10pm. Michael Shermer was told by the V.P of programming that they love the show, the series continues getting good ratings, but that they have yet to hear from the powers that be on a pick up of another run of them. [Skeptics Society notice]


You might be interested to know that the AZ legislature is contemplating forcing teaching of creationism in high school biology classes. Here's an article on the topic taken from The Tucson Weekly:



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