Report of Tests on Joseph Newman's Device

National Bureau of Standards, 1986

On-Line Edition Prepared by
National Capital Area Skeptics (NCAS), September 2000

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Inventor Joseph Newman, of Lucedale Mississippi, has claimed for a number of years that his "energy machine" produces more energy per unit time (in the form of electric current) than it consumes. During the early 1980s, Newman applied for a patent for his device, but the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) rejected the application. Court proceedings resulted from this rejection, and the PTO eventually called on the National Bureau of Standards (since renamed as the National Institute of Standards and Technology) to test Newman's claim. The NBS test group reported that the device fully complies with well-known principles of physics and does not put out more energy than it takes in. This document is the report of that test program. NCAS is placing it on the web because Mr. Newman and his supporters continue to make claims for the device to this day, and the report is essential to any serious analysis of those claims.


A file copy of the report was provided by John Mayo-Wells of NIST, which supplemented a copy obtained from National Technical Information Service. Electronic copies of the originals of the two photographic prints included in the report were provided by Dr. Robert Hebner, the report's senior author, now at the University of Texas. Gerard Stenbakken, another of the report's authors and still working at NIST, contacted Dr. Hebner on behalf of NCAS.

Jim Giglio scanned the photocopy of the document and performed the HTML coding. Mary Pastel proofed the on-screen result.

Paul Jaffe, President
National Capital Area Skeptics

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