Report of Tests on Joseph Newman's Device


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This report fulfills a request by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that the National Bureau of Standards conduct tests on Joseph Newman's device as part of a lawsuit involving Mr. Newman and PTO. The tests were conducted following an agreement between PTO and NBS and were carried out in accordance with several court orders.

Specifically, NBS was asked to prepare a report on its tests, including:

"(a) a copy of the final test plan including pictures of the working models;

(b) a description of the credentials and qualifications of the NBS experts;

(c) a description of the test equipment used and when and how it was calibrated;

(d) a detailed description of the working models;

(e) a detailed description of the conduct of the tests; and

(f) the test results including the percentage of the input energy that is converted to output energy by each of Mr. Newman's working models."

The test plan was submitted before we began our tests and is on file with the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. The remaining items are covered in this report.

Our results are clear and unequivocal. As the report states, "At all conditions tested, the input power exceeded the output power. That is, the device did not deliver more energy than it used."

NBS believes that this report is responsive to the several court orders. It is also clear that our test results are entirely consistent with well-established laws of physics. NBS can think of no way that this or any other device could be constructed or operated to violate either the principle of conservation of energy or the Second Law of Thermodynamics.


Ernest Ambler, Director

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